Welcome to ShiWanders Blog. Maybe you think that I misspelled the ‘she’ but I used the first syllable of my name to came up with a blog name, it took me a while to finally decide the name of the blog. I’ve been here and there on web pages too but I hope to stay with ShiWanders for long that I built it with Dreamhost. Finger crossed! 


When and How Did I Start To Wander

My name is Shira and I come to love to travel when I started earning my own money. I can finance my promo plane tickets and stay in an affordable guesthouse or hotel. I came to realize that you don’t need thousands to travel, you can take the bus and go to the next town. Traveling doesn’t need to be glamorous, at least not all the time, because the beauty of life can only be seen where you don’t expect it should be.


Places I’ve Been To

So far, I only traveled within the Philippines. I am mainly attracted to Cebu, which probably you will see more than 2 posts about it. The Philippines has 7,641 islands, so there. I have still a long way to go. Haha.

Here are the provinces and city I have been:

  • Bukidnon
  • Iligan
  • Camiguin Island
  • Cebu
  • Laguna
  • Metro Manila
  • Bohol
  • Boracay Island
  • Siargao Island

I am currently in Kuwait and I will be sharing some places I have been here too which are stunning. I do commend their parks here because of how children friendly it is.

What Will You Find At ShiWanders Blog?

I will be writing my wanders and wonders of places, things, and probably everything under the moon too.

I aim to share my experience, my takeaways, and the beauty of simple travels I took and I will be taking. Leaving footprints with a note.