3D2N in Siargao Island: Making Most Of It

Siargao Island is one of the dream destinations for islanders. Even before I went with friends last 2018, it is already one of the top places to visit in the Philippines. I bet people are eagerly want to go for a perfect getaway but just difficult because of the travel restriction due to COVID-19.

After I went to Kuwait for over a year, I came back to the Philippines to take a vacation for a few months with my sister and nephew. And because that long vacation in the Philippines is confirmed and tickets were booked, I then planned with my friend to go to Siargao Island in October 2018.

What are things to do for 3D2N in Siargao Island?

  1. Visit Magpupungko Natural Rock Pool
  2. Book the popular tri-island hopping tour
  3. Stroll in General Luna
  4. Enjoy the Cloud 9 boardwalk view
  5. Surf!!!

How is Siargao Island for first-timers?

First-timers in Siargao Island might be daunting. I felt that. Daunting yet exciting, it is a mixed emotion that you want to indulge for yourself.

Day 1 in Siargao Island

By plane or by boat is how you can get to Siargao Island. For us, we took less than an hour flight from Mactan Cebu International Airport to Siargao Airport via Philippine Airlines. But if you are from Cagayan de Oro, you may take a long road trip headed to Surigao then boat to Siargao Island.

While at Cebu Airport, we booked a Binggo Ride to pick-up us at the airport. The rate for rental with a driver in 2018 was 1,700 Php inclusive of gas/fuel charges for 10 hours. You can check their Facebook Page hereOpens in a new tab. for an updated rental rate.

You will definitely be making the most of your 3D2N stay in Siargao Island if you rent this Binggo TukTuk Ride. If you do not know how to motorbike, this is the best option for you to go around the Island. 10 hours is not bad.

We landed at Siargao Airport around 1:15 in the afternoon, met the TukTuk Rental then headed to our accommodation in General Luna which took approximately an hour.

Visiting Magpupungko is one of the things to do for 3D2N stay in Siargao Island. Unfortunately, we missed the natural rock pool as one of the top places to visit on the Island. We supposedly going to Magpupungko after we drop our stuff in the accommodation, but we were informed that it wasn’t the best time to go there because it was high tide. But instead of frowning, we seize our day. Carpe diem!

We decided to go to Cloud 9 to catch the sunset, even though it was gloomy. HAHA. Carpe diem! But we didn’t regret it. We were glad we came by. The view in Cloud 9 is pretty epic.

Around 5 PM, we left and headed to the market to buy food to cook in the morning. Then we head over to Kermit, one of the top restaurants to visit in Siargao Island, to have a sumptuous dinner.

Day 2 in Siargao Island

The second day is full of energy and enthusiasm. We were so ready for the Tri-Island Hopping tour that we booked through Siargao Island Hopping TourOpens in a new tab.. The reason why I booked our Tri-Island tour with them is that who is behind in their group – to who is it for. I have read one of the blog posts upon searching for an island hopping tour that Siargao Island Hopping Tour is run by and for the youth in Siargao Island. The group’s WHY matters!

Best Siargao Island hopping is an amazing checklist for things to do for 3D2N in Siargao Island. There is no entrance fee.

Naked Island

Naked Island is a stunning white sandbar that reminded me of the White Island in Camiguin. Absolutely just a turquoise view. No trees, no other form of life.

Daku Island

Daku Island is the second and longest stopover in the tri-island tour. Here you’ll have your lunch, enjoy the palm trees vibes, and just wander around. The biggest island among the three. I’d really advise you to stroll further from your lunch hut, wonders await you. We have already taken off the island when we saw how marvelous the other side of the island.

Guyam Island

This is the part of the tri-island tour wherein you are just chilling. There is a mini-cafe on the island where you can buy shakes and burgers, perfect for an afternoon snack.

Guyam Island is a smaller version of Daku, for me. The palm trees’ scenery will always give you that simple calming vibes and if you bring your waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker – it’s a perfect getaway.

Palm trees. Ocean waves. Beers. Music. Can you picture it?

And salty hair.

Day 2 was far from over!

The second day didn’t just stop from the tri-island tour, simply because this is Siargao Island.

We didn’t waste any of our time, 3D2N in Siargao Island is just so short. After the island hopping, we went back to Cloud 9 with an intention for a surfing experience. And in my part, I am very hesitant. I do not know how to swim further in the ocean that cannot reach with my feet. However, the surfer instructor reassured me that I’d be safe as long as I remember every surfing safety guidelines. And, the water level in the beginner’s area is pretty safe.

I was so happy that I go for it. You can see that in my face. HAHAHA

Day 3 in Siargao Island

Our flight back to Cebu was 11 AM. We woke up early and decided to just wander around General Luna. Wandering without a destination could surprise you. From our accommodation, we stroll until we reached Shaka Cafe. Before reaching the Cafe, we saw beautiful art through murals, checked the souvenir shops, and discovered beauty in simple living.

grabbed from my friend’s photo

Where to stay on budget for 3D2N in Siargao Island

Why Stay in Blauset Haus?

We booked the Blauset Hause for our trip and after staying here, I personally recommend this place. Aside from their helpful and accommodating staff, here’s the top 3 reason why you will choose Blauset Haus for your 3D2N budget stay in Siargao Island.

1. Blauset Haus is cozy! A picture perfect for your Instagram feed.

2. Blauset Haus has kitchenette amenities which perfect if you like to cook your own food. Besides, you really want to try the seafood for your 3D2N in Siargao Island without spending too much. The kitchen is shared by two rooms.

3. Breezy; even Blauset Haus is a bit far from the beach, the swimming pool and sunbathing chair will still give you that vibe.

Is Siargao Island will be your top 1 destination after COVID-19?

It would be best if you visit sometime. It is fascinating how the simple life in the province or island answers your wonders. It was nice.

COVID-19 New Normal Update: Siargao Island is now open for domestic tourists, just obtained the necessary papers and you’ll get to enjoy the island life in Siargao.

  • RT-PCR Test Result: list of accredited laboratories hereOpens in a new tab.
  • e-Health Pass hereOpens in a new tab.


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