Top Places To Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country, but you will be surprised how much the state has to offer when it comes to tourism. I visited different places already for staying for over two years. The top places to visit in Kuwait will leave you with awe. This country is a gem. The view, the architectural design of the buildings, really exceeds my expectation. And for me, here are the top places to visit in Kuwait.


Top places to visit in Kuwait with kids


  • Kuwait Scientific Center

The Scientific Center has four attractions; The Aquarium, IMAX Theatre, Discovery Place, and Dhow Harbour.

    • The Aquarium would best for children to explore marine life; they probably can find Nemo here. Kidding.
    • IMAX

      “The Scientific Center IMAX with Laser Theater provides you with a movie experience like no other. Our IMAX theater has a giant screen that is 15 meters high and 20 meters wide.  It is equipped with the latest IMAX projection technology which includes a 12 channel immersive sound system. 3D educational and documentary films in Arabic and English are shown using the largest film format in the film industry.” – TSCK

    • Discovery Place is an educational exhibit where children can explore and learn fundamental physics, bubbles – anything that can stimulate kids’ great thinking and curiosity about their wonders.
    • Dhow Harbour is where you can have a glimpse of Kuwait’s history. Here you can see up-close the only surviving Kuwait sailing ship from the pre-oil era.

It definitely should be one of the top places to visit in Kuwait with kids, for family time. There are also restaurants like Applebee’s, where we had lunch, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. But what really made me fall in love with this place is the beauteous view outside the Scientific Center. I cannot take it out of my mind, the Persian Gulf.

Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes

  • Boulevard Park

The Boulevard park is such an eye-candy. I always love to be here during winter days. It quite a good place to clear your mind and enjoy the greenery surroundings. There is so much life in this park.

Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes

  • Kidzania / The Avenues Mall

Kidzania is located at The Avenues Mall, the first-ever place I visited after I arrived in Kuwait. This mall has 12 districts. The Avenues, 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, Grand Avenue, SOKU, The Souk, Prestige, The Mall, The Forum, The Gardens, Electra, and Grand Plaza.

While your kids are enjoying the Kidzania theme park, you can indulge yourself in shopping. Yes, shopping, especially when it is sale-season. And Kuwait is famous for shopping.

I hope I can visit Kidzania with my nephews soon.

Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes

  • Al Shaheed Park

Al Shaheed Park is the largest urban park in Kuwait, one of the reasons it is one of the top places to visit in Kuwait.

They’re not kidding when they say it is the largest park because I have been there. And for me, it will take a whole day tour for you to see all of it – wear your most comfortable pair of shoes.


Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes, but you need to take a long walk to get there

  • Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo will always be on my wishlist of places to visit in Kuwait. This would probably be my chance to finally able to see a camel in person.

Photo from TripAdvisor


Top places to visit in Kuwait at night

  • Marina Mall Seaside

Marina Seaside of Marina Mall is in my top places to visit in Kuwait at night. Eating a sumptuous dinner at the seaside restaurants and cafes will give you the best night view. Be sure to be here during sunset; you would not want to miss the beauty of it. There is also cruise dinner here – one of our must-try list.

Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes

  • Old Souk Salmiya

Old Souk Salmiya is one of the top places to visit in Kuwait at night. If you are a Filipino, you will feel at home here. The Pinoy foods you’re craving are all here. From barbeque, kwek-kwek, fishballs, batchoy, kakanins, and more. Besides, one of the branches of Jollibee and Chowking is situated in Old Souk. Plus, Pinoy grocery stores. 

Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes


Top places and tourist attraction to visit in Kuwait


  • Kuwait Towers

Although I didn’t have a chance yet to get into the towers itself, I had seen it closely when we dined at Fusion – a Japanese buffet restaurant. Mouthwatering. But I heard the view from the top would leave you with awe. You can see Kuwait in 360 sights, including the Persian Gulf. No wonder why Kuwait Towers is one of the top places to visit in Kuwait.

Accessibility:  CityBus – No

  • Liberation Tower

It is a symbol of Kuwait’s liberation. The second tallest building in Kuwait. Worth to see from the outside.

Accessibility:  CityBus – Yes


The top attraction in Kuwait I look forward to visiting

  • Grand Mosque

It is situated in the heart of Kuwait city.

Photo from TripAdvisor
  • National Museum

It would be lovely to see more of Kuwait’s heritage.

Photo from Wikipedia


Top places where to stay in Kuwait

  • The Palm Beach Hotel & Spa
  • Hilton Kuwait Resort
  • Copthorne Hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait
  • Safir Fintas Kuwait Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • The Regency Hotel
  • Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa


I hope you will enjoy your visit to Kuwait when this pandemic will be over.




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