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It was just a typical day; little that I know I’ll be able to visit one of the famous Park in Manila. That park that I only have seen on TV or in movies – Paco Park, Manila. Located at Belen, Paco

It was the day I arrived in Manila. I went directly to my supposed appointment but got canceled that afternoon.

I was just around Agoncilio – Pedro Gil St, and somehow I knew that Paco Park is just nearby, so I searched it in Google Map and voila – magic happens in technology.

It was just a 7-10 minutes walk from where I was, so I go for it. Luckily, I stayed within the area too.

There is so much history for this place. It was used as a municipal cemetery during the Spanish period, was used as a central supply and ammunition depot by the Japanese during WWII, and then converted to National Park after.


In this park, you can find the burial of Jose Rizal, Jacinto Zamora, Jose Burgos, and Tyron Perez.


Getting Around Paco Park, Manila

Paco Park is a good choice of place to chill. There are too many trees, the green environment makes you in bliss, and the architectural vibes bring you to old times – the historical touch is still intact. Because of its spiral design, it is also a nice place to take an afternoon run here. 

No wonder that the famous historical Paco park of Manila has been featured in movies like Starting Over Again of Toni Gonzaga & Piolo Pascual. 

With friends

I have been to Paco Park three times. The first time was solo, the second and third are with a friend.

The place is well maintained you won’t wonder where your 10.00 Php entrance fee pay went.

How To Get To Famous Historical Paco Park

In a less hassle way, hailing a taxi will always be the best option. Riding a jeepney is economical, and I bet wiser too – you’ll get to know more around the area, around Taft. If you ride a Taft Ave jeepney liner, you can drop off at Padre Faura or Escoda and take a walk going east for not more or less 5 minutes. If you’re taking LRT Line 1, you can stop at Pedro Gil Station, and you can reach there by walk for less than 10 minutes. 




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