Why Do People Travel

Traveling is something I am not fond of when I was a kid. I would probably pin the blame on my motion sickness whenever I am in a car or bus. So I thought, why do people travel?

Then I got into college; I noticed that my sister often goes on a trip with her friends. And wondered, why does she travel, why not just stay home? Then I began to realize the five reasons why do people travel when I started to wander as well.



5 Reasons Why Do People Travel

  1. To Find Oneself
  2. To Escape Momentarily
  3. To Experience Life
  4. To Meet People
  5. To Discover Different Cuisine


To Find Your True Self

Finding oneself is probably an overrated reason why do people travel, but it is the most relatable answer you can get. Traveling could help you fully understand yourself, how you’d like to carry yourself around people, or to whatever circumstances that you will probably discover more about yourself, such as what things do you want, stuff you hate to do. Traveling will genuinely surprise your self.


To Escape Momentarily

Did you ever have a spontaneous trip at least once in your life? If yes, I’d like to cheers that for you! If you ever feel exhausted in your work or about anything, do yourself a favor and take even just an overnight trip to escape from the hustle-bustle environment. Go for a staycation in a resort or hotel nearby. You need that! Because in life, taking a break might be a window to see what possibilities in life that awaits for you. Breathe!


To Experience Life

People love adventure, don’t they? One of the compelling reasons why do people travel is to experience life. Just like watching a movie, traveling also has many takeaways you could use in your lifetime. It helps you broaden your perspective about anything and everything. It allows you to see and experience things outside your comfort zone. Do you wonder if you could jump off a cliff? Do bungee jumping perhaps? Take it. Experience it. Life only happens once. If that what traveling calls you for, be a free spirit.


To Meet People

A guy will travel across the globe to meet the girl. Sounds cliche, but this is one of the simple reasons why do people travel. Meeting new people will take you on another life journey. Sometimes you get to have millions of realization by just talking to a few strangers you met. Staying in a hostel will give you this. The possibility of discovering different cultures will embark on meeting new people too. How well you adapt to a diverse place will surprise you when you wander. 


To Discover Different Cuisine

Do you believe that when you travel, there’s always new food that you will discover? Because I do. You go to a countryside restaurant because of how good they cook a native chicken. That alone will answer why do people travel. Food content in the film or drama is also influencing the viewers to visit a particular place. You cannot beat K-Drama from that impact. In this digital age, you’ll get to hear the must-try cuisine you haven’t heard throughout your life. Just like Erwan of The Fat Kid Inside, there’s always an underrated cuisine he’d share whenever he features a destination. Check the Street Food series of Netflix. I’m sure you’ll get a perspective which to place to visit next.


Aside from the five reasons I have mentioned above, what is your reason why you travel? Is it because of the hype? Trend? Or were you a wanderlust ever since?

Personally, to experience life is the top reason why do people travel. Along with that experience, you get to have learnings in life, the discovery of oneself, the realization that there is more beyond the horizon. Do not be afraid of stopovers, who knows; it will lead you to your unforgettable moments in life.


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